Flex Builder 3 includes improved support for web services, but the process of getting it to consume a WCF service was still a bit trickier than expected. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Flex only supports up through SOAP 1.1, so doing a web service import fails for the defaults Visual Studio uses. To correct this, modify the WCF service to use basicHttpBinding. Pete Brown has an example on how to do this over in his blog.
  2. The “Import Web Service” wizard doesn’t provide any pointers after it runs on how to use the strongly typed client it generates, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Check out Build SOAP Clients with Flex Builder 3 over on FlexLive.net. There’s also some good sample code in the comments.

With the above I was able to get a sample WCF service that returns an array of strings working correctly with Flex. I’ll post a followup later with my experiences with more complicated objects — that’s where things have broken down in my experience with SOAP interop in the past. However, supposedly Flex 3′s new support is based on Apache Axis which is pretty well regarded, so fingers crossed.