It’s been tough doing development in Visual Studio 2008 without ReSharper for the last several months, but as much as I enjoy ReSharper, C# 3.0 trumps it. I’ve occasionally installed the Nightly Builds of ReSharper 4.0, but the sea of red around my LINQ code always resulted in the install not lasting very long. Luckily, the most recent “works here” nightly build of ReSharper 4.0 (build 755) looks pretty usable. The only notable issue I’ve found is that it doesn’t like non-trivial LINQ queries inside of static methods, which is a pain but perhaps not a showstopper.

Speaking of LINQ, Brian Stoker has a nice introduction to WPF Databinding with LINQ to SQL over on The Code Project. I’ve been meaning to learn more about this for a while and Brian’s article did a great job of introducing enough information to get something up and running without being overwhelming.