If you are an owner of a factory, you want to improve your work efficiency. such as sealing boxes. so we found a  packaging machinery manufacturer in China named accelerate-tech. They sell Carton Sealer machines to customers from America, Central America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East Annual.

  • model FXC4050XF
This small box sealer is a model of a carton sealer. The small box sealing machine is semi-auto. It will improve your work efficiency.
small box sealing machine

Summary of this small box sealer?

1. FXC4050XF the small box sealing machine mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, which can be used alone or as an essential part of the production line.

2. The carton sealing machine uses a high-quality belt to transfer cartons at the left and right sides, moving stable and sealing properly.

3. The small semi-auto carton sealing machine, mainly designed for sealing and packing cartons, is economical and easy adjusting equipment, it can finish upper and down sealing at the same time. The width can be adjustable with a wide range of applications such as No.1-12 aircraft boxes.

4. We will keep on providing the service of maintenance after the period of guarantee, but charge for labor according to the case.

5. The seal head can be up-right for changing the tape more convenient and comfortable. The design is ergonomic for people standing straight to easily change the tape not only save time but also improve work efficiency.

6. If it is configured with a piece of lower printing equipment, it can intuitively reflect the image of the product packaging. It can be equipped with a tape printer to improve the appearance of products.

7. It is a special type of e-commerce.

8. In addition, the carton sealer is equipped with ink-printer prints manufacture date, lot number, or words at side of the carton during the sealing process of carton.

9. Adhesive tape sealing uniform, strong and beautiful, won’t tear carton.


  •  FXC5050A carton sealing machine and DBA200 automatic strapping machine
Carton sealing machine

Summary of the machine?

1. FXC5050A carton sealing machine and DBA200 automatic strapping machine mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, they can be used alone or as an essential part of the production line.

2. With BOPP adhesive paper as the sealing material, the all-in-one packaging and sealing machine can simultaneously seal the carton with the “one” type on both sides.

3. Cartons can be strapped up with strapping tapes to make the cartons stronger.

4. According to the size of the carton, it can manually adjust the height and width of the carton and then put the carton on the workbench, the carton will automatically pass through and seal the carton with tapes at the same time.

6. The automatic strapping machine can be controlled to strap once or twice by operating the knob on the panel.

7. The parts of the two machines are stable and durable with long service life.

8. The rubber belt sealing makes the driving wheel in the conveyer belt thicker. The bearing weight is larger and more durable. The rubber belt seal is much thicker for the driving wheel in the conveyor belt, which can afford the larger bearing weight and use durable.

9. The carton sealing machine adopts the famous conveyer belt of the sino-foreign joint venture with a strong grip and stable convey.